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Caroline Lucas - Meet the Therapist

Caroline first realised she had spiritual abilities as a teenager when it became clear that not everyone saw what she saw; later she discovered the coloured fields around people that she had always taken for granted were known as auras, and those who studied auric fields could tell how someone was feeling by the colour, clarity and size.  Although fascinated, she was careful who she told for fear of misunderstanding.  Caroline also discovered she could feel auras and could tell on friends where they were hurting or where they had had previous injuries; the trouble was, she took on those pains herself and was left feeling exhausted.  She decided to stop therefore, when she had her first child, and wait until she knew how to do it safely.  By this time Caroline was following a teaching career and healing was put on the back burner - but the wish to use her gift to help others kept calling.


So when Caroline moved back to her ancestral home of Cornwall and left teaching, her spiritual path became clear.  It was while travelling in Peru with her daughter, partner and good friend that Caroline spoke out about her feelings and abilities, and it was her friend who pointed her towards Reiki.  Upon returning home, Caroline signed up for training with the Devon School of Reiki and undertook Attunement 1 while pregnant with her second daughter, and Attunement 2 while pregnant with her third - which made the whole experience all the more special. 

Since then, Caroline has gained qualifications in animal healing and sound therapy, and delights in sharing the power of pure quartz crystal singing bowls.  

In the heart of rural Cornwall, Kernow Reiki provides a selection of complementary healing services for all.  The therapy studio itself is a magical place to be; a Nordic log cabin surrounded by a wildlife garden and far reaching views of fields and trees.  When you arrive you will feel instantly at peace.  

Using intuitive techniques, these therapies employ vibrations and universal energy to clear energy blockages, realign the chakras, dispel negative energy, and help the body to heal itself.

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