When is it time to say 'Enough is enough!'?

The 'Beyond Survival' Course helps you to not only get through life, but to make the most of it!

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Caroline Lucas - Qualified Reiki Master, Teacher, Empath and Life Coach


Time and time again I hear from my clients, 'Life has just been throwing one thing after another, after another at me, and it's getting ridiculous!'

Clients often come to me after they've tried lots of different things to keep going but they're still dissatisfied with the results.  Often they're frustrated, tired, in need of direction, and wondering how they are supposed to find the energy to get through yet another set-back, another heart-ache, another disappointment.  If this resonates with you, 'Beyond Survival' empowers you to turn things around, and guide you to not only survive life but to thrive!

So what is the point when you say 'Enough is enough!'?

For me, it was a really clear defining moment.  When I was teaching in secondary schools I was doing 100 hour weeks.  I had no time for myself, I felt like I didn't have enough time for my daughter, I was over worked, over stressed, and struggling to make ends meet as a single parent.  I thought if I could just keep going, just keep working, just keep trying I would eventually break through to the life I'd always wanted.  Instead I ran myself into the ground, suffered a nervous breakdown, fell down a dark hole of depression and anxiety, and had a long hard road of recovery ahead of me.  

Things started to look up when I discovered Reiki.  Finally I was on my true path, I was in a stable relationship, I had two more beautiful daughters, my business was doing well and I felt like things were going in the right direction.  Then...


Blow after bitter blow flew at me, and it got ridiculous.   This was the point I told myself 'Enough is enough!'  Was I prepared to fall back down that dark hole?  Hell no!  I invested in coaching, made heartfelt and lifelong commitment to myself, and decided my life was going to change.  And guess what - that meant my lack of investment in myself had to change.

You've heard it all before - eat healthy, get more sleep, drink less, get exercise, have a better work-life balance etc etc.  You know it, you've always known it.  The truth is, none of these things mean anything until we have decided to really invest in ourselves, to show ourselves the love and respect we needed all along, to give ourselves compassion, forgiveness and understanding for our mistakes.  When the time comes to declare 'Enough is enough!' - you will know - and when that happens, I warmly invite you to apply for the 'Beyond Survival' Energy Coaching course.

The 'Beyond Survival' Programme is a personalised and unique course designed specifically to empower you to take your first steps on your true life path.  

This is not counseling, it's not therapy (though can be therapeutic), it's not being told what to do, and it's definately not a magic spell - life energy coaching is a successful and proven method to support you in raising your own vibrational energy; empowering you to unleash your own inate wisdom, strength and inner guidance.  At all times during the programme you are in control.  You have all the answers to all your questions, it just feels sometimes like we're too overwhelmed or lost to access our own intuition.  The healing process starts the moment you hit the subscribe button.  You will then be invited to speak with Caroline or a member of her team to discuss your dreams and what's been holding you back.  If you're considered ready to take the next steps in committing to yourself and your future, you will then be invited to join the programme.  Only a handful of clients can be accepted into the programme tri annually - this ensures top quality support can be given to everyone in the group, and that individual needs can be catered for.

Do you feel ready to change?  Are you ready to invest in yourself?  I can't wait to hear from you!


Caroline xx


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