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10 Signs You May be an Empath:

Many of us are empathetic without realising. Being an empath means you are highly aware of the feelings of others and you can often feel what others are feeling. Someone with empathic energy is a magnet for those with problems and an empath welcomes those with problems unconsciously. The trouble is, an untrained empath is wide open to taking on the woes of the whole world and is often left feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and despairing.

Many empaths suffer from anxiety, depression, addictive tendencies and introversion. In the Western world, mental health is often treated with drugs and counselling. In other parts of the world, it is seen as a positive sign of a healer who’s skills need developing and nurturing.

Certainly, many holistic practitioners I have spoken to, as well as those in caring professions such as teaching and healthcare, have experienced mental health concerns.

It seems a cruel irony that often it’s those who have been put on this planet with a deep longing to help others, and intuitive abilities to do so much good for humanity, who find it hard enough some days to leave the house let alone work in a hospital or secondary school. All is not lost however, because once that anxious or exhausted person realises that actually there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with them, but rather they need extra guidance to achieve what they were set on this world to do, perspectives change and magical things start to happen.

Here are 10 signs you may be an empath. How many of them can you relate to?

  • You experience your feelings intensely, and those of others. Sometimes you find it hard to distinguish your own feelings from those of people around you.

  • You are prone to depression, anxiety and have addictive tendencies.

  • You find large crowds and busy places intimidating and overwhelming.

  • You are drawn to working in a caring profession such as healthcare, teaching, beauty, HR, councelling, charity work and stay at home parenting.

  • You often prefer the company of animals and nature to people.

  • People seek you out to pour out their troubles. You are easy prey for energy vampires!

  • You easily feel exhausted and overwhelmed by life, current affairs and others.

  • You are spiritually intuitive, feeling presences of spirits and environmental energies.

  • You are sensitive- not just emotionally, but also to smells, pollution, sounds, allergies etc.

  • You have trouble with boundaries. Maybe you trust (too) quickly, forgive easily, have trouble saying no. You are also amazingly good at sensing lies and deceit.

If all or many of these points spoke true to you, perhaps you are one of the gifted empaths on Earth.

How can I protect myself as an empath?

Reiki is an ideal method for empathic training and Level 1 will give you the tools you need in just a few hours to treat yourself. Gradually you will learn to strengthen your aura, your resilience, your confidence, and you’ll be able to be that caring and nurturing person you’ve always been without putting yourself in harm’s way. I would like to invite you to find a Reiki Master teacher locally to you and book in for that first attunement.



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