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Festive Smudging - for Protection, Comfort, and Raising Vibrations

This midwinter, get extra festive by burning some natural homemade incense.

What is smudging? Smudging basically means clearing a space by burning particular herbs and spices and wafting the smoke all around. It helps to dispel any negative energies, is used for cleansing vibrational objects such as crystals, and of course smells gorgeous!

Usually when we think of smudging we bring to mind sage - perhaps if we want to mix things up a bit we might throw in some lavender, or mint, or rose too. In fact, there are lots of herbs that can be safely burned as incense and they all hold different properties - from relaxation to digestive aid, to antibacterial, to psychic protection.

So what about some of our Christmassy favourites - cinnamon, orange peel, star anise and bay leaves? The answer is yes - all of these seasonal aromatic beauties can be used to make a fabulously festive smudge stick!


This wonder spice has been so highly revered for so long it's spellbinding. For thousands of years cinnamon has been used for protection; psychic awareness, good luck; wealth; success; love; strength; sexual health; fertility and more. More than that, it's distinctive smell and taste instantly fills us with warm fuzziness and an inexplicable urge to get into our pyjamas and drink hot chocolate, light some candles and snuggle up with our loved ones. Whether we're aware or not, smells are extremely powerful mood changers and this is one of them.

Orange Peel:

Harmony, vibrancy, protection of life affirmations, cleansing, transformation - smudging with orange peel is an all round winner, and smells amazing too. You can use strips of peel in your smudge stick or use larger amounts to wrap around the other ingredients.

Star Anise:

Helloooo enlightenment! Anise is definately the vibrational lift of the trio. Burning this will help unlock your psychic powers, raise your awareness, bring you good luck, and spark up some prophetic dreaming. Often placed on alters for focus and divination - this spice will also chase off any bad dreams.

As a medicinal aid, Star Anise is commonly used to help alleviate gas, bloating, nausea, indigestion and constipation... well that could be handy after a big roast dinner!

Bay Leaves:

Not just for flavouring the roasties, bay leaves banish negativity and boost morale. This herb has been used for centuries to calm, reduce anxiety, aid relaxation and encourage victory. 'I will not fear the invasion of the in-laws and my pigs in blankets are the best!' Chaos of Christmas? Bring it on!

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