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Reiki Can Make Symptoms Worse!

Are you experiencing a 'Healing Crisis'?

You went for a session of holistic therapy such as theraputic massage, Reiki or acupuncture, and came away far from relaxed - but rather your symptoms heightened! The medical term is a “Herxheimer Reaction” but what does it mean to be experiencing a healing crisis?

Whether detoxing through diet or holistic healing, your body will only be too glad to start expelling toxins and negative energy in order to start healing as soon as possible. This is one of the reasons you will be advised to drink lots of water - to help keep you hydrated, and help flush out unwanted nasties from the system. Often the body will do its thing without you noticing much. On occassion however, some people may experience more severe reactions - this is because your cells are releasing disease quicker than your body can expell it.

Where energy healing is concerned, your practitioner should warn you that symptoms can get worse temporarily. It is common for a migraine sufferer to get an intense headache post session, lasting maybe an hour or two before easing off all together - similarly for those who have had injuries, and those who have been harbouring tension for some time. This reaction is not limited to physical conditions though, and people with mental health conditions such as anxiety can feel heightened fear, palpitations and restlessness. This is a 'Healing Crisis' and can last anywhere between an hour or two, and days, maybe a week - in a few cases longer.

The Herxheimer Reaction can be scary, and certainly uncomfortable, but it IS temporary, and an unrefutable sign that what you are doing is working! Often the worse the illness, the more intensely the sufferer will feel the detoxification process - and although it can feel like you are doing yourself more harm, you can trust that this is all part of the process, and trust in your body as the amazing self healer it is.

What can you I to help ease off a Healing Crisis?

1. Increase your fluid intake - water; herbal drinks high in detoxifying ingredients such as milk thistle, dandelion and turmeric; and diluted apple cider vinegar can help.

2. Rest up - sometimes easier said than done but wherever possible try to take it easy. Sleep when you can, put off chores where possible, delegate tasks to colleagues, family and friends.

3. Be kind to yourself. You are going through something big - you've taken some brave steps and should be proud of yourself and your body!

4. Essential oils - whether in the bath, a diffuser or in massage, oils such as lavender, rosemary, frankincense and lemongrass can help to relax and detoxify the skin and muscles.

5. Trust! It's hard not to worry when a reaction like this occurs but worrying won't help. When we understand why something is happening, it's much easier to deal with. You're on a journey to wellbeing - trust the path you're on.


Caroline - Kernow Reiki

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