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What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

When out and about, if I’m asked what I do, and I tell them I’m a Reiki Master, I usually get one of the three responses:

1. “Oh wow, I LOVE Reiki! I was thinking about training myself actually!”

2. “Reiki… oh yeah… isn’t that some sort of hippie stuff?”

3. “Ray… what?!”

I’m used to getting mixed reactions and actually I like it because although there are lots of people who have either never heard of Reiki, or aren’t sure what it’s all about, in general I find there’s a lot of interest in it - and I’m always happy to talk about it!

“Oh wow, I LOVE Reiki! I was thinking about training myself actually!”

So – in response to reaction no. 1 – it’s interesting that those who have had experience with Reiki often become such fans that they want to do some training themselves. And no wonder - Reiki Level 1 is all about being able to give yourself energy healing – what’s not to like?! In fact, many of these advocates have already been on at least a Reiki 1 course. What’s also interesting is that thus far, I’ve never heard someone say “Reiki? I tried that once -it was rubbish!”. The cynicism definitely lies with those who haven’t tried it.

“Reiki… oh yeah… isn’t that some sort of hippie stuff?”

Reaction number 2 – I always laugh at this one. “Yes, yes, we’re all crazy tree huggers and did our training in a hollow tree in the Valley of Rainbows, and we sleep on crystal alters… the fact is… it wasn’t so long ago skilled medical practitioners such as chiropractors were dismissed in the same way in the Western World. There will always be cynics and that’s okay… it’s an important part of human nature. All I would say is “Give it a try.” There are many Reiki practitioners who offer discounted first sessions, and some who offer them for free! What’s to lose?

“Ray… what?!”

This brings me to the third group of people who haven’t the foggiest what Reiki is, or even how to pronounce it - it’s ray-kee by the way. In a nut shell, Reiki is an unobtrusive form of holistic healing using universal energy… still a blank look? I have been trained to safely pass positive energy from the world around us, through me, to you. There have been numerous studies into the benefit of touch and how atmospheres created by people or events can affect us either negatively or positively. Ever been in a room with someone who’s in a dreadful temper which makes everyone else feel awkward or distressed? Likewise, perhaps you know someone who just lifts the morale whenever he or she enters the room? This happens through energy, and as living beings, we are susceptible to energy – some perhaps more than others.

I could give my own positive energy and love when comforting my children or a loved one, but if I were to do that for all my clients, I would end up completely drained; which is why Reiki training is so important. The practitioner becomes a conduit for energy which comes straight from the universe - in abundance – pretty cool really.

“How does it work?”

“So, what happens when the energy passes through me?” Think of it like a good old spring clean. New energy helps to push out old stagnant energy, it gets your cells moving and helps to unblock your chakras. This means your body and mind can start to mend themselves more efficiently – you’re able to let go of unwanted worries and past baggage – and hopefully you’ll leave the session feeling at least more relaxed and refreshed than when you arrived! Even the one session can make a big difference but sometimes a few sessions or even regular visits will be recommended depending on the needs of the client.

After a Reiki session you may experience all sorts of feelings. You may feel super relaxed; sleepy; invigorated; heavy; light; tearful; hot; cold; tingly; perhaps stiffness or mild pain in certain areas; perhaps you’ll feel a mixture of these things, or perhaps very little at all… whatever the effects of your Reiki session, rest assured they are al signs that your body is readjusting and they’re all good signs. Any discomfort will wear off quickly but you’ll be encouraged to take it easy and drink plenty water afterwards. If you’re concerned, you could always ask a family member of friend to drive you home.

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