1 hour

Hands on energy healing in the therapy studio.



Distance Reiki

30 mins

Distance energy healing anywhere in the universe.



Sound Therapy

1 hour

Sound bath using pure quartz crystal singing bowls


Reiki for balance, emotional happiness a

Animal Healing

1 hour

Hands on energy healing for our best friends.


Hand Holding Pendulum

Dowsing for Allergies

40 minutes

Pendulum Divination to ascertain allergies and sensitivities.



Dowsing your Home

1 hour

Using divination to check your home for geothermal stress.


Mother and Baby

Basic Belly Bind Package

Approx 1.5 hours

Rub down, warming belly paste and Sacred Bengkung Belly Bind.


Baby Holding Parent

Deluxe Belly Bind Package

Approx 2 hours

Belly paste and Bengkung Bind including additional cathartic  services.


Mother and Child

Sacred Postpartum Sealing Package

Approx 3 hours

Full belly binding services, ceremonial blessings, Ayurvedic food and herbal bath.



Ultimate Mama Goddess Package

Approx. 4 hours

The full works to honour, revive, nurture and heal the new mother.


Warming Belly Paste

Specially blended spices

A blend of healing spices to aid postpartum recovery.


Bengkung Belly Bind

10 metres of batik cotton bind

Traditional Malaysian style belly bind for postpartum recovery.



Sacred Smudge


Home grown, picked and dried

Natural incense made from thoughtfully selected homegrown cleansing herbs.


Sacred Smudging


Handmade incense, smudging wand and large abalone shell

Full ceremonial smudging set to clear negative energies and recharge with positivity.


Relaxation Meditation Download

Ancestral Tribute

Available soon - free spiritual meditation music.